Oxai Ascent Bipe Electric for SALE! Like New! New price!

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Nicolas Georgiades
Apprenti pilote
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Enregistré le : 26 janv. 2018, 12:58
Avion : Oxai Ascent Bipe
Moteur : Hacker C-54 2YL
Hélice : Meijzlik 21 x 13EL
Carburant : Electric
Emetteur : Robbe-Futaba FX-40
Récepteur : Futaba R6208SB
Servos : JR
Fréquence : ma fréquence

Oxai Ascent Bipe Electric for SALE! Like New! New price!

Message non lu par Nicolas Georgiades » 30 janv. 2018, 17:42

Hello Everyone!
I have my "WORLD CHAMPION" Ascent Biplane for Sale! The plane is in top condition, no damages only minor surface scratches. It has only 168 flights and I used it for the WC 2017 in Argentina last November.
It includes:
Motor-Hacker C-54 2YL
ESC-Master Spin 99 Pro Opto
4 x JR NX3421 brushless Ailerons
2 x JR DS 3425 brushless Elevators
1 x JR MPH83SWV Linear hall sensing servo Rudder
Carbon spinner
Mejzlik 21 x 13 EL 2 blade carbon prop
Futaba R6208SB Receiver (optional)
Oxai original covers
Wooden box for transportation

Asking price 4950 Euro (negotiable). Option without Motor and ESC also can be given...

Please contact me at georgiadesnick@gmail.com for inquiries more photos and information