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Suivez la création et la construction d'un avion F3A de A à Z


Message non lupar bwtblau » 16 Juil 2017, 09:57

Hello Remi,

Thanks for the answer.

I come from Germany and do not speak French and very little English and therefore must work with Google Übersetzer.

Your contribution to the construction of the Pulsar and the model itself I liked very much.

I'm currently looking for a new F3A competition model that I would like to build myself.

My question to them was whether they would provide me with the CAD drawing data of the model and for me the GRP parts could make.

I would pay for the costs, of course.

I will transfer this message to English using the Google translator


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Message non lupar rémi le besque » 18 Juil 2017, 13:49

Hi Willi,

Many thanks you for your message.
I recommend we split to private email in order to see what is feasible.

Can you please contact me to: rlb6@hotmail.fr

Happy flying
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